Welkom almal! Welcome Primal friends!
My name is Sylvie and I am delighted you found us if you are new to this tribe!
Many of you already know us – and have met me, which I absolutely treasure!

In a nutshell – Pure Primal was born after my bouts with Colon, Skin and Liver Cancer. I decided against conventional intervention, cashed in all I had and got myself to Texas USA, where I started my journey to health, education in holistic nutrition and natural skincare.

I stumbled across, and then fell in love with, a golden liquid, Bioidentical to that of what the human skin craves. Yes, this star ingredient is our sustainable & certified Free Range tallow. Naturally filled with the biologically identical nutrients our human skin cells need to heal itself and promote longevity, backed by scientific studies.

My team and myself are passionate about trying to educate South Africans on TRUE natural skin care. Pure Primal artisan products are handcrafted in small batches, from traceable local ingredients in it’s most pure, raw and natural form. Our love for animals shines through all we do..(Have a peek at the Fat Buck Giveback initiative we just launched) We ONLY support farmers that raise their animals as nature intended.. 100% Grass Fed, Free Range, NO routine antibiotics or hormones and being humanely culled.

We would never support the feed-lot, grain-fed industry as it is inhumane. The fat profile of a sick feed-lot animal will carry toxins instead of healing nutrients which is NOT what we seek in natural skin care. Read a little more on Tallow Tales. The inspiring testimonials and heart-warming feed-back makes it worth all the hours we put in towards bettering and expanding the Pure Primal range, bringing 100% waterless products to our loyal customers at an affordable prices.

It is hard work educating “the public” on TRUE natural skin care and why one should not just believe a label stating “natural” but READING ingredients and understanding what all those long words mean and DOES to your organs! We LOVE our customers and would appreciate hearing back from you. Feel free to give us a holler!

Loads of health & love.