Collagen Protein – women are strong, and so are their bones !

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Thought i’ll sit down and write to you about Collagen Protein Powder and why I love it. Do you know what collagen is and why we all need it ? and how should you use it ? In a nutshell, without getting long winded and technical – (If you want all the nitty gritty.. please read here)

So, the benefits ..

  • Boosts skin and hair health
  • Joint Pains and Degeneration could be a thing of the past
  • We all struggle with the GUT – intestinal flora benefits hugely from taking collagen
  • Boosts Metabolism and Energy Output
  • Reduce cellulite & stretch marks
  • Strengthens Nails, Hair and Teeth

What does it look like?

Its a fine, off-white powder that dissolves easily in any hot or cold food/drink and does NOT gelatinise. So user friendly!
More uses include :

  • Smoothies
  • Pre/post workout shakes
  • Stir into coffee/tea
  • Mix into yoghurt
  • Add to granola bars/muesli etc..

Some great recipes using Collagen

Collagen is such a versatile product and can be used in a million ways, but let me give you a few ideas. I shared a healthy coffee/tea on-the-go drink, perfect for the keto lifestyle, on the How to section of the Collagen page. It tastes heavenly and is such a great wake up kick!

Here is a smoothie recipe that I have every morning, it gives me a boost and is full of anti-oxidants

1 scoop Primal Protein
1 cup frozen organic green veg (kale/broccoli/spinach etc)
1/4 -1/2 cup frozen berries
1/2 frozen organic lemon (including peel)
2 slices ginger
1 tablespoon flax
1 tablespoon soaked chia seeds
1-2 cups chilled rooibos/green tea
a few sprigs fresh mint.
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1.4 tsp no sugar/alcohol added vanilla extract – we have some in the store here
1-2 tsp MCT oil – we have some in the store here
Add stevia/Primal Erythritol if you want to sweeten it up. Otherwise, see this as a health shot to start your day with 😉
Add all to a good quality blender and zhoosh up till creamy smooth,  add ice to taste.

Remember – our 100% Natural and Bioidentical creams are a first in Africa and WORKS! (They are on a promotion too so check it out !) Added bonus – it is a waterless range so you pay for 100% product, chock-a-block filled with longevity promoting ingredients that will not dehydrate your skin as all the other “natural” water filled ingredients on the shelves.

Read here why water is not a good idea in your skincare products. Longevity is key!
What we do now impacts our future.

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