Movember and your Beard Grooming Products

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Raising awareness and funds for men’s health, is what Movember is all about. You can donate to the Movember foundation to help fund these often unspoken issues of mental health, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Men should be celebrated all year round, as men are fathers, friends, partners and just great! Whether or not you have a permanent beard this month, we can make you aware of 2 new exciting products in our range at Pure Primal that will delight you in your beard growing quest.

Beard Oil - Why do I need it ?

It is not a HAVE to have, but seriously though, beard oil tidies up the chin curtain, clears the beardruff and leaves a trailing masculine scent all over town - who wouldn't want that ? After shower or before you leave the door - 2-3 drops and you are all done


Get that well-groomed look with Pure Primal’s non greasy ‘Shine’ Beard Oil

The Shine beard oil feels light on your face, and long lasting so you don’t have to reapply. Our blends are packed full of conditioning properties that leaves your beard looking very well groomed.

Beard oils are only as good as their carrier oils, because carrier oils does a few very important things - 1 a medium to carry the potent essential oils to the skin and 2 nourishment & conditioning of the skin and hair and 3 the aesthetic - detangles, smoothes and gives it a healthy shine, but not over the top.

There are many carrier oils around, and we have selected the following with main properties -

  • Argan - rich in vitamins and minerals, this provides complete nourishment for your hair and skin.
  • Joboba - a common carrier oil, highly absorbable and great for dry or damaged hair
  • Pomegranate - rich in anti-oxidants that nourish skin and provides a nourished foundation for healthy hair growth
  • Grapeseed oil - helps to grow the beard, light oil, treats acne/problem skin, prevents beard frizz

Beard Oil with added Essential Oils ..

The carrier oils only have a slight scent and does not interfere with the scents of the essential oils. The essential oils are diluted into the carrier oils gives further benefits and customises the oil into a unique and complete product

  • Carrot seed oil - herbaceous top notes with an earthy wooden undertone
  • Bergamot - An uplifting oil native to the the south of Italy - crisp, sweet lemon like scent
  • Patchouli - Part of the mint family - the oil has sweet spicy top notes and earthy musky undertones

Buy Pure Primal Shine Beard Oil  here

Beard Balm

You don't have to wait until your beard looks like Tom Hanks’ beard in the film 'Cast Away' to consider some control and maintenance ! Beard balm is an easy and daily styling agent that is used as a leave in conditioner and also to give volume


What is it and how it works

The Pure Primal Beard Balm has the following  ingredients and properties. The Grass Fed Tallow and macadamia nut oil is used as a carriers to which all the essential oils and beeswax is added. The tallow makes the product overall more spreadable and soft as the added beeswax is very toffee-like and strong. The carrier oils also nourishes the skin and hair and reduces flaking, maintaining your beard and skin with a healthy vibrant look.

The beeswax is essential to lock in the moisture provided by the carrier oils, to add a bit of thickness to the beard, and to control the wayward hairs. Fun fact - the Pure Primal Beard Balm uses organic local beeswax.

With our ‘houd en kruid’ variety of ‘Style’ (Our beard balm) we added hand picked essential oils to add a nice tone of citrus, sandalwood, bay, cedarwood, pine & naartjie

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