Lip Lekker – Lip Balm

Nourishing Lip Food - LARGER 35ml | 0.51oz

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This is literally a Lip Lekker lip balm with a built in SPF! Filled with local nutritious Certified Free Range Tallow, Raw Beeswax acting as a barrier as well as some potent essential oils creating the most healing balm you have ever tried!

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All of our uniquely blended flavours starts off with a base made up of certified grass fed tallow, rendered slow and low overnight, infused with organic Rooibos and Honeybush. This provides the biological identical properties not found anywhere else in nature. Then we add a load of nutritious pizzazz to each scent. These are my personal favourites (but the others are great as well!)

Raw Honey & Citrus – hypoallergenic and very mildly scented. Raw Local Honey adds anti-oxidant & antimicrobial properties that smooths wrinkles and repair damaged skin. Mandarin calms irritated inflamed lips.

Tean & Vit E – indigenous organic rooibos, green tea and Yerba Mate infused grass fed tallow, high in anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties ensuring healthy skin and lips. Bergamot  is a known antiseptic and Natural Vit E improves fine lines – nifty hey?

*Pure Primal artisan nutrient-dense products are small batch, hand-made unique items with colour/scent/consistency that might vary due to ingredients that change together with the seasons! True free range and grass fed animals will yield fat that differs season to season due to weather/vegetation available for them to feed from on the pastures. Raw beeswax and other botanicals will also change seasonally. We do not disrupt or alter Mother Nature… We change our products according to what she offers each season

I suggest you use our Pure Primal Spots Away  in conjunction with the Lip Lekker for optimal results in healing Fever Blisters/Cold Sores.