Pot Boerseep – Multi Purpose Soap Bar

Pot Scrubber 100% Non Toxic - 170-190g | | 7.41oz


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This Pure Primal Multi Purpose Soap Bar is made from certified Grass Fed Boerseep. It is Bio-degradable, Eco-friendly, Non-chemical and Greywater safe! Our pot boerseep is an old recipe we received from an elderly Boere Tannie.


This is a type of multi purpose boerseep bar has added extras to it – free range egg shells, organic coffee grind, lemon/orange peels, tealeaves.  It is the ONLY certified Grass Fed, Free Range Boerseep available in South Africa. This chemical-free grass fed soap is suitable to use in cold or warm water. Effective and economical. This is a great multi purpose soap for all your daily needs in and around the house: stains, dogs, household and more! PS – Boerseep will remove residue build-up from washing machines/pipes!

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