Style – Beard Styling Balm

Facial Hair Food - 110g | 3.88 oz

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Being an alpha male with facial hair, our Style beard balm is blended using the highest quality of mineral and vitamin rich fats, oils and essential oils. Together these form a nourishing beard balm for for the ultimate grooming experience. Please read more…


Why incorporate Style in your daily beard grooming ritual?

To clean facial hair, apply our rich and nourishing Style beard balm to:

  • Shape your beard
  • Conditions split ends
  • Controls tangle & frizz
  • Promotes thickness
  • Nourish & moisturise facial hair

Style also does a great job of holding down those stubborn beard hairs that don’t like to go with the flow of the rest of your beard. It can also be used as a low-hold styling agent for your knevel (mustache) and sideburns.

So, being bioidentical as well as waterless , with a base of nutrient dense Certifies grass Fed Free Range tallow, you can expect the puck to look/feel more like a balm than a fluffy cream.

Why is this?

In layman’s terms: store bought creams (natural and chemical) contains water which needs an emulsifier to keep the oils and water in a blended state. Which in turn keeps the cream soft and fluffy in all weather conditions. We dislike emulsifiers as well as preservatives (which all water based products need) due to their negative and harmful side effects. ..Mmmm and why should you be paying for WATER?

You are getting 100% product for your buck, without potential toxins added (even the emulsifiers/preservatives that says “Natural”) the tallow will naturally be a little harder in cooler weather and softer in warmer weather. The beauty of our Nutritious Certified Free range tallow is the way it naturally melts into your skin as soon as it makes contact with body warmth.
And then watch the magic happens! Pssst..Tallow also contains a natural SPF .. isn’t nature wonderful! Truly an all-in-one skin “product”.

I suggest you compliment your grooming routine with our Alpha Face moisturiser.

Our products might change slightly depending on the season, read here why.

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